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Email Marketing

Here are a 15 things I learned over the years on promoting your blog using Email Marketing.

  1. Email marketing is the number one way to get people back to your blog.
  2. Readers who come to your blog from email are more likely to share your content on the social web and to comment.
  3. Pop-ups on the entry and exit are the best places to collect emails.
  4. Even though you may hate pop-ups, very few of your visitors will complain about them.
  5. Sidebar opt-ins and opt-ins beneath blog posts (above the comments) are also effective areas to collect emails.
  6. The best way to collect email addresses is to offer each reader an incentive such as a free e-book.
  7. When testing the call-to-action button for your e-book offer, start with the “get instant access” call to action as it tends to convert well.
  8. Every time you publish a blog post, send out an email to all your subscribers, letting them know you published a post.
  9. When emailing your readers, limit the number of links in your emails. Using more than three tends to cause more emails to go into the spam folder.
  10. Don’t keep emailing those readers who don’t open your emails. It causes spam issues. Your email provider should help you filter out these emails.
  11. If your email offer is related to a specific blog post, your opt-in rate will go up.
  12. Make sure your offer is very valuable, or else it will ruin your reputation and cause a lot of unsubscribe.
  13. Keep your email subject lines short — it will help with open rates.
    When possible, keep your subject lines casual as it also helps with open rates.
  14. Do not put your whole blog post within the email. Make sure you put only the first paragraph or two to help drive more traffic back to your site.
  15. Remember, Email is still one of the best ways to reach your subscribers and if done right, it will pull results instantly

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