Is ipas2 marketing system is a Scam?

Let’s review the entire Ipas2 Marketing System to decide if it’s a scam before joining…

Ipas2 system is a marketing system that can be used for any online business despite the fact that the exclusive back-end product is still Empower Network. What is Empower Network? You can checkout my article by clicking on the link HERE.

There is something very important that I want to point here: in order to be successful online you need to have some elements in hands.

And the major problem that online marketers are facing today is the lack of knowledge of how to build a strong funnel. And this is what Ipas2 is: a strong funnel that teaches the prospect how to build his online business and at the same time start making money.

Before reviewing if Ipas2 is a scam, let’s understand what a scam is. According to the Business Dictionary a scam is “A fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt to obtain money or something else of value.”

Let’s review Ipass2 scam system now

ipas2-freeIpas2 system is build for serious people who are committed to learn how to be successful online and earn money. Because the system is so good, the founders wanted to give everybody a chance to test it. But only serious people are allowed in, this is why you must pay $7 to have access. All those who are not serious about working online, will not invest $7 dollars.

Investing $7 to test the system is not a big commitment that someone is doing. The commitment will be to do exactly what the system is telling you to do. You must apply everything in order for you to have the results that people are having with Ipas2 system.

What is the value that you are getting by investing $7 in Ipas2?

You are getting your hand on a marketing funnel and educational training that teaches you how to build a successful online business. Does it look like a scam to you?

Are there going to be people complaining?

Yes of course, there will always people complaining. Why? Because…
It is so easy to blame the system or to blame a mentor if you are not having de result that you want… the question is: are you doing what you have to do in order to have the result that you want?
Are you putting your capture page in front of targeted people? Are you advertising your business? How often? If you don’t know how to do it, you can learn that with Empower-Network Core products.
I wrote a review and broke down how the Ipas2 system works. You can read it by clicking HERE and decide then if Ipas2 is a scam…


Let me share with you a little bit of my story: I was living in Lebanon in 2001 and I had a grocery shop in the village where I was living with my husband and my children. But although my husband had a regular job and I was working in the grocery shop, it was not enough and I wanted to provide more for my family and I was looking for a way to work from home and from my computer in the evening… One day I was reading the “L’orient Le jour” a French newspaper and I saw an ad “Work from Home and Earn…” and this is how I got involved in traditional Network Marketing or MLM.

I loved the idea of helping people and 6 months later I was earning between $2.000 and $5.000 a month. The downside of it was I had to go to every meeting at 7 pm (3 days a week) and to all the training on weekend. At first, it was an enjoyable adventure but quickly my relationship with my family was worsening: we had no communication, I was always busy with my business, I did not have the time to look after my children and my husband. Long story short I wanted something else, I wanted to be able to work from home and raise my children and have fun with the people that I love the most.

Did you hear the quote “when the student is ready, the master appears…” I was introduced to Internet Marketing. And suddenly I was able to work from home and do what I loved the most. But before doing that I had to learn. And I am so thankful to Empower Network and high traffic academy for giving the opportunity to learn. I am thankful for Ipas2 because of this powerful marketing system; I’m able to realize my dreams: I’m learning, teaching others to do the same and earning a lot of money. (Oh I have to drop a disclaimer here, because you see, my results are not typical because I’m going the extra mile…)

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