Samples & Tests

here are examples of use and demonstrations
of banners, clicks and sales tracking, custom
signup form, etc..


Banners sample

you can see all banner types in action and you can test clicks

Banners with different link types

the banners below use different affiliate link types to demonstrate this functionality.

Banners with channels and SubId tracking

sample how your affiliates can track advertising channels and use subId tracking

Referral (click) tracking

Sample homepage

the page that is the target of the banners and simulates your home page. It contains referral (click) tracking code.

Cookie information

Find out if the referral cookies were registered for this domain.

Sale / lead tracking

Normal sale tracking using general tracking method

page with active sale tracking code

Sale tracking with another optional parameters

description of all parameters you can pass to the sale tracking script

Signup Form

HTML Signup form

Except normal signup form PAP allows you to create pure HTML signup form and place it to any page. Here is an example of such signup form.

This directory (/samples_tests) contains examples and tests to walk you through the various possibilities of the affiliate system. When you are ready to go online with your affiliate program, you can delete or rename this directory.

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