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How my son Eric changed my life…


I was raised in a family where I watched my mother work almost all the time, she had very little time to care for me and my brothers…

As a seamstress, she worked from home. She would let us do whatever we wanted at home. What was important to her was that we get good grades and go to church.

As I can recall, making up my bed every morning or tidying up my things was not a top priority for me.

When I got married, it became a problem. I lived with my mother-in-law who always wanted everything to be in order.

I must admit that this sometimes outraged me, because whenever my things were not tidy, I found myself in a mess. As a matter of fact, I didn’t think it was that important, Isn’t it?

Earning money and taking care of my children was a priority. But I was wrong, and I didn’t know it at that time.

So, Eric was born. I wanted to get him into good habits as soon as possible.

I wanted to teach him discipline. Eat on time. Go to bed on time. What if I wasn’t the one reminding him to put his room in order or his toys in order. My mother-in-law reminded him of that.

He’s gotten used to it. He had very good habits. He became methodical and persistent in his work, very orderly. His room was always tidy, but not mine. I looked at him and I was very proud of him.

Then I started working with Bob Proctor and Bob often repeated in all his programs or seminars how important it was to be organized. He even threatened a client that he would no longer be coached if he did not put his house and garage in order.

It made me realize how important order is to success. I started to force myself to tidy up, to be orderly, to have my desk tidy and clean.



Today, I realize how important order, discipline and perseverance are. It was not easy for me to change my habits, but I did it because I had a model in front of me. I had a motivation and I had a goal.

Thanks to this, today my objectives are well organized in my head and my vision is clear. You too, in your life, you have someone like my son Eric, someone who is there to help you progress on your journey. So, in your heart thank this person and bless him or her because without knowing it, he or she helps you become a better person and succeed.

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The Stickperson

The Stickperson


The Stickperson or The Growth Of Your Mind Simply Explained 

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a humain being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.

– William James

 If we want to bring order and understanding to our mind, we must have an image of the spirit with which to work..

The mind is an invisible part of our personality, and because of its invisible and imperceptible nature, we must build an image with our imagination.

This is where the genius of Dr. Thurman Fleet created the image of the stickperson.Le bonhomme-allumette

You can imagine that the simplicity of this illustration is only a childish impression of the human being.

This is possible – but it is also a revelation tool: unveiling a world of power, opportunity and promise.

Imagine that within you, you have a power that is far superior and far more powerful than any other condition or circumstance around you.


Referring to the illustration opposite, consider the head as the spirit. A horizontal line cuts the circle that represents the spirit in two parts; the upper part being the conscious mind and the lower part being the subconscious mind.

The Conscious Mind

Is the part that thinks and reasons. This is where free will resides. It is the part of the mind that decides the changes that determines the kind of life you want to experience.

All pain, pleasure and limitation is either created in the conscious mind or accepted without reserve from an outside source. When you accept these thoughts, they are then transferred and impregnated into the subconscious.

You become what you think……

The Subconcious Mind

Ideas that are fixed and rooted in our subconscious are called conditioning or paradigms.

The subconscious operates in every cell of our body. Every thought accepted by the Conscious MUST be accepted by the Subconscious – he has no faculty to reject.

The subconscious is also called the emotional mind.

This part works in a very orderly way. We talk about it by saying “BY LAW”. The expression of the subconscious is manifested through our actions and our feelings. All thought impregnated into the subconscious becomes a fixed part of our personality.

These fixed ideas or habits are the conditioned mind or the paradigms. The Subconscious is often called the spiritual side of our personality or the Universal Spirit. It has no limit except that imposed by the individual.

Develop power and control through the management of your thoughts by imbuing it with powerful motivated actions, encouraging success through growing thoughts that must and will produce the desired results.

Indeed, whatever we desire with determination and concentration, by putting our intentions, we manage to create it.