Change your thoughts, you’ll change your life.

Change your thoughts, you’ll change your life.

Congratulations to Aurore Belle who stands out very quickly. You understand that to succeed you have to give up your limitations, launch yourself and then spread your wings, Changing your thoughts is the first step that can lead you to success in whatever field you choose in your life.

Personally, I chose marketing because as my mentor says: “Selling is the most beautiful job, because it allows us to offer a product of priceless value in exchange for a paltry price for the person that gets what they want”

Success is not in the end result, success is in the process, once you understand this, once you will control your thoughts or rather this process that leads to results…. Your success will be right around the corner…..

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Excellent Article!

This action plan is indeed the “recipe” to follow to replace an old habit with a new more energizing one!

I also highly recommend reading Anthony Robbins’ excellent book”: “The Awakening of Your Inner Power”.”

The beginning of a wonderful adventure


What does it take to live a wonderful adventure?

You may encounter challenges and challenges in your life. Sometimes it will seem to you that life is very dark but looking back it will often be the beginning of an incredible adventure. Do you want me to tell you about our adventure?


In July 2006, my family and I were repatriated from Lebanon, the beginning of a wonderful adventure. We ended up in Rillieux La Pape with the sole income of “Income support” or “Welfare”

Have you experienced this? Or do you know people who are in this situation?

Despite the fact that we were often short of money, I knew we had a real opportunity to get by because I had been in personal development for several years and I knew that real wealth was in me and not outside. All I needed was to show it outside.

An incredible adventure

In short, I became a LifeSuccess Coach and consultant on the Bob Proctor team that the world knows today thanks to the film “The Secret”.

I started my own coaching and personal development business and started working all over France and internationally. As a Coach and Consultant, I am responsible for the quality of my training but I am not responsible for the results of my coaches.

Some people had extraordinary results and others nothing. I didn’t really like it, I was dissatisfied.

Have you ever felt that way? You were doing something you liked, but you were dissatisfied.

I was looking for something that would help me show that whoever the person was working in a certain way, they could succeed.

This is where Network Marketing came into my life again through a friend of mine in the United States.

Have you ever noticed that when you really want something and receive it, it’s always in response to your request.

Intuitively,I knew I had the answer to my request.

I became the leader in France of a large network of distributors (Skinny Body Care) that I will introduce you in another article.

The most important thing for me is that I could now train my partners to work in a certain way and ensure their success.

But this was just the beginning of a wonderful adventure – click the button below and listen to my story – because part of my story is also yours…. If you want to succeed, there is only one thing to do, click this button