Why is there such a difference in the results that people get?

In this video, Bob Proctor asks you two questions but before you answer them, think for 2 minutes. Have you ever wondered why some people struggle in their work and achieve very little.

Do you realize that a very small percentage of people seem to make a lot of money when a large part of the population is really struggling to live?

Bob asked himself these same questions for a long time. Did you know that 1% of the population earns 96% of the amount of money earned? Have you ever wondered why there are people who are not as bright as you and yet perform better than you?

In this video, Bob Proctor also invites you to ask yourself another question knowing that he has personally worked with companies that owned more than 20,000 salespeople: “Have you ever wondered why there are in some companies that have important commercial services, people who generate more commissions than others, they sell way more than any department or region combined?. How does that happen?

Bob goes on and says, “Why is there such an imbalance in people’s productivity? Well, do you know that the obvious answer is usually wrong. Let me explain what I mean: More than 40 years or 45 years ago, I was offered a book…

At that time, I was going in the wrong direction; I had been to high school for 3 or 4 months and i had not acquired any formal (academic) training. I had no professional experience that I could rely on. I really didn’t have a very good attitude and I really had a really bad resume. At the time, I was earning $4,000 a year and I owed $6,000.

I was working as a firefighter in one of Canada’s cities. And you know, just like a snap of my finger, my income took off like a rocket. I went from $4,000 to $175,000 a year and then I made $1 million in one year. This would have been enough to make most people satisfied and happy. But what it really caused was to ask myself a riddle, a puzzle; for you see I was raised with this belief that if you had to make a lot of money, you had to be brilliant and I knew I wasn’t very smart.

I was raised with the idea that if you were to be successful in business, it was because you would have been to university to train. And of course, I hadn’t been there. Andrew Carnegie once told Napoleon Hill that the accumulation of wealth appeals to power and that power is acquired through the organization of specific knowledge well oriented. But the person who accumulates wealth is not necessarily the one who has the knowledge. And that’s exactly what happened to me! At the time, I didn’t know what Andrew Carnegie had said to Napoleon Hill, but I was very puzzled that I was making a lot of money. I had to know why I earned so much, because everything that happened to me went against my beliefs.

I thought that someone should have the solution to my problem and that a book would have been written on it. No one could explain to me how I was able to achieve such results.

I have discovered that even the most productive people in large companies do not know why they are so successful and are excellent producers.

I worked with some of the largest insurance companies in the world that had psychologists in their department who were trying to decipher what these producers were doing without ever knowing.

Well, I did it! I did not manage it by accident, but through advanced studies. I have read thousands of books and I will not even try to guess how many seminars I have attended. I was lucky enough to have been educated by some of the brightest people in the world. I spent 5 years in Chicago as Vice President of Sales for Nightingale Conant Corporation. I worked side by side with Lloyd Conant and Earl Nightingale.

One of the largest distribution companies in personal development that exists in the world

It took me 9 years to understand exactly what had happened to me. And this information came to me through a doctor in Saint Antonio, Texas who was involved in the art of healing and could not understand why the medical profession was still treating the symptoms and not the causes of Disease. He came across this information… Do you know that we think in pictures? Think about your car for a minute and realize that a car appears on your mental screen or think of your fridge in the kitchen… and an image will be projected onto your mental screen… now try to think about the mind… and when we try to think about the mind, we have no representation and when there are no images, we are confused. Is that not why Solomon said, “If there is no vision, the people will perish” and then he went on to say if no one saw the spirit, then I will create an image of the spirit. He pointed out that the mind is a movement and that the body is only the expression of that movement. I started studying with him and I took the image of the mind and studied it and then I began to understand what had happened to me. You see, our mind is essentially two very distinct parts. I know that our brain is made up of several parts….

One part collects information and another controls our behavior that naturally controls the results we produce. This explains why some very bright people do not perform well. They do not act on the information they have. You know how to have better results than the ones you have now… I know most people know that.

I started to get better results and I had to know why. And here’s where it all led me! I was so fascinated by it that I started teaching it more than 38 years ago and it had been about 45 years since my life had completely changed. And you know, I’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and around the world: in Asia, Europe, Australia, North America… Then I realized that i could not accomplish a lot of things alone, no one can.

So I decided to create a team of people and we trained these people so that they could teach this information. And some of the results I saw shocked me. If we have the opportunity to talk together, I will tell you. Large companies have managed to increase their sales by a few hundred million and ordinary people have become multi-millionaires. And you know, it wasn’t difficult…

We shared this information with students with great academic difficulties who saw their names on the honor roll in a snap.

The people who gave you this DVD or video have the information I’m talking about. I would like to suggest you contact them, you will find their contact detail on the back of this DVD or under this video. Tell them that you have set aside 40 minutes and will be delighted to hear this information.

This person has the answers to the two questions I asked at the very beginning of this presentation. You can ask them. If you want a better income, this person will show you how to get there….

We were raised with the idea that we have to work to make money, that’s not true. You work for your personal satisfaction, you provide services to earn money.

I like this quote, which I repeat many times. The key is to keep the main thing as the essential. And the main thing is your lifestyle. We only have one life and I think we need to enjoy it. I think we need to enjoy and travel around the world, and have what we want. We must have freedom and financial independence. No, only we must have it but share it with all the people we meet. You will discover that the source of abundance is already in you.

Once you’ve finished watching this video, contact the person who gave you this. My name is Bob Proctor and I am the president of LifeSuccess Consultants.

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