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Who am I?

My name is Agnes Boukaram. As a Bob Proctor consultant, I help entrepreneurs manifest their dreams

Independent consultant and facilitator certified by Proctor Gallagher.

You deserve abundance in all areas of your life and I will help you attract it.

I will help you learn to rely on and believe in your unlimited potential and power.

I already know that you have experienced flashes of intuitive knowledge and great reflection that have made you wonder how far you can go if…

I am here to help you rekindle that innate knowledge and confidence already instilled deep within your soul.

I will help you move forward when the “old you” prefers to give up and go backwards.

At this moment, you are at the threshold of your destiny.

It’s time to see and achieve one goal after another with a clear mind and a burst of confidence… no matter how big that goal may be.

I have been facilitating all of Bob Proctor’s programs in French and English since 2008 and now create my own programs based on my experience as a consultant.


My Vision

Is to make the world aware of the possibilities of living an ever-expanding, abundant life by raising the quality of individual thought and maximizing the potential within.

My Purpose

Is to provide the formula for scientific, step-by-step success in empowering and moving people towards inspired, aligned action, coupled with web marketing strategies and services, so they can work less, make more money while building their dreams.

My Goal

Is to help individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses to improve the quality of their lives by guiding and advising them so that they can work less, earn more while building their dream.

Why is this important to Agnes?

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, are the backbone of our economy.

They end up sacrificing their friends, their families and the funny thing is that they only receive a small profit at best, bankruptcy at worst

Agnes knows it too well, she had lived it.

That’s why she wants to bring you permanent change in all areas of your life. From relationships, health, business and wealth creation; Agnes believes that every individual has the choice to live a life of freedom.

But what exactly is a mentor? What will be our mentor-coachee relationship?

As you have already read earlier on this page, I chose to be sponsored by Bob Proctor in 2007 and became a LifeSuccess consultant in 2008.

I immediately had great success applying everything Bob told me through the videos and audios to the letter.

Then I wanted to start doing things my own way, and that’s when my work went backwards and I was diagnosed with diabetes and cancer. I went straight back to basics, and discovered that you always have to work with the laws of the universe.

I started all over again. I know all the steps I took to get through cancer, diabetes, and successfully building my business and I am on my way to buying my dream home. I will show you exactly what I do and walk you through it.

You must understand something very important, as human beings, weall have infinite potential, but we must develop that potential.




You must be a willing student. When I ask you to do something, you must do it. Most of the time, these will be easy-to-follow instructions. However, there will be times when I ask you to do something you clearly don’t want to do… and sometimes you can’t even see the benefit of doing it.

You will want to discuss with me… You will want to choose from the suggestions I have put together. You will want to do it your way. It will be at times like these that I will point out to you that if your way doesn’t work… if you want results, you have to do it my way.

I won’t criticize you or judge you… It was important to me when I was mentored, not only on a personal level, but also on a corporate level. That’s why I apply it in all my coaching. And in time, you will come to your senses and eventually follow my directions.

This is probably one of the most important points in a mentoring relationship… you must do what your mentor suggests. Most people want help, but they want you to help them in their own way. Their way is to give them the results they get, and those are not the results they want.

Let me digress for a moment and explain what I meant by “follow my instructions”. You may feel that I will tell you everything you need to do and you will just be a puppet following me. This could not be further from the truth.

This relationship is not intended to make you dependent on me for my skills, ideas and trust. It’s about instilling the confidence and ability for you to do it yourself. It’s about your own personal development… on many levels.

Part of the mentoring will be seeing me in action. Learn by seeing what I do. Other times, I would ask you questions, get you to think about what you were doing, look at the results you wanted and the steps you were taking to achieve those results.

We will discuss other ways to get better results, and what could be implemented… we will agree on a strategy to follow.

Having a mentor has certainly made a big difference in my life…many times over. Here are some of the qualities you look for in a mentor today:

You want :

  • Someone who works on big goals.
  • Someone who will be honest with you and with whom you can be honest.
  • Someone you trust.
  • Someone who will hold you accountable.
  • Someone you can talk to directly.
  • A strong person / a strong leader.

And in case you want to work less and earn more… it’s important to choose a mentor who demonstrates this in their current life… someone who works less and earns more. I guarantee that the right mentor will not only make a huge difference in your success, but also in the time it takes you to reach your goal.


What customers say

Christel zoghbi

“Agnes Boukaram is a coach who is totally gifted in her field. This can be seen through his follow-up, support and high quality wisdom.
After following a personal development coaching program with her for a whole year, and joining her other programs, I learned that the change I was looking for could only come from within: working on my thoughts and emotions.
Its secret lies in the way it manages the follow-up of each individual. Personally, I can say that whenever I needed support, she was able to force me to think differently about a certain situation so that I could move forward with serenity towards achieving my goals.”


“An incredible hands-on coaching experience driven by impact and achieving positive results.”


“Agnes is a positive, generous, honest and trustworthy professional and conducts her business with commendable ethics. I personally recommend her for her commitment and zeal to cooperate with me as a coach for success and wealth creation.”


“I had already worked on personal development and with Agnes I really saw a person who lives it fully and who has the enthusiasm to share it and boost us towards our success. I have always seen the need to follow successful people and Agnes you represent it in my eyes. And I want to follow you! Thank you, Thank you Agnes for all that you give.”