What do you really want? More money? More freedom? More…

I studied this book for the first time in my life, in a mastermind group specially designed for LifeSuccess coaches and consultants, and this book literally changed my life….

It identifies exactly what you need to do, how you have to think if you want to turn your desire into its physical equivalent.

I know that if you read my article today, it’s because you were attracted somehow…. Maybe this is the solution you’re looking for…

You see before studying “Think & Grow Rich” I was not very happy in my life, I had a lot of debts, and it was as if these debts had no end … It wasn’t because I wasn’t making enough money, on the contrary, I was making a lot of money but not as much as I wanted to have the lifestyle I dreamed of.

And the study of this book came as an answer to my prayers, let me today share with you what struck me in it’s study.

In the chapter on “Faith,” Napoleon Hill says:

Faith is the head chemist of our mind. When faith and thought interpenetrate, they emit vibrations that the subconscious captures and transforms into a subtle equivalent that acts as prayer over the infinite intelligence.

When faith and thought interpenetrate, they emit vibrations

What does Napoleon Hill mean when he says: thoughts emit vibrations…

How can we interpret a vibration?

What is the vibration of a thought? … The feeling …..

So how do you feel about a particular thought?

When you think about money, how do you feel?

What ideas and emotions are related to it…

  • About relationships?
  • About success?
  • How do you feel about it?

…. the subconscious captures and transforms into a subtle equivalent that acts as prayer over infinite intelligence.

The subconscious mind instantly captures the vibration, the feeling, the idea you have about money, about success, about what you think of Empower Network and translates it into its spiritual equivalent…..
And that’s exactly why you pray,to have even more of what you feel about money, success, and….

And that’s exactly what the law of attraction will give you….

And if you understand that… you’ll get everything you want… pretty much everything…

Now, do you want to learn how to modify your vibrations and send the right vibrations to attract the success, money, lifestyle you want?

The answer is in the same chapter:

The only way to voluntarily develop faith is to repeat affirmative orders to one’s subconscious mind.

Let me put it another way:

It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen…

In order to believe in your success, you have to repeat affirmations about it and what is more important is that you have to feel success.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself having succeeded. What does success mean to you? What are the feelings you feel? Grasp these feelings make it a point of reference that you can use every time you want to feel successful.

Every day, three times a day for only 2 min, imagine having all the success you want … feel success…. Be grateful….

Today, my life has completely changed. It’s like a game and I’m enjoying it to the fullest.

Life has taught me that each person has their own learning curve that they must undertake and it is at the end of their journey that success is found….

Even if we talk about the law of attraction or imagining the feeling, it does not mean that everyone will be able to do it by snapping their fingers….

Do you see my mission or my purpose is to help as many people as possible in order to make them aware of the possibilities that open up to them, to help them achieve their dreams …



You go to school to learn to speak, to read, to write and you go to university to know how to organize the information you need and learn a trade…
But if you want to be successful and again, you will have to know how to define what is meant by “success” you must adhere to a network marketing….

This is the path to success because with network marketing, you need to grow, broaden your awareness, learn to work with teams, learn perseverance, learn to achieve yourself fully…

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