Get rich in a predictable and reliable way with The Science of Getting Rich.

Enjoy more abundance, joy, and wealth without working harder or giving up all your time.

The Science of Getting Rich is quite possibly the most impactful personal development program.

It teaches the foundations of personal development, the law of attraction, and achieving the life you really want.

As such, it can teach you how to execute and achieve any goal with precision and accuracy.

Bob Proctor used this powerful system to build practically his entire fortune.

And it has served as the foundation for virtually every piece of work Bob has ever written, and all the most powerful seminars he has taught around the world.

Those seminars have helped corporations worldwide improve their sales by hundreds of millions of dollars.

If you want an infallible formula for wealth and success, The Science of Getting Rich is for you.


The Science of Getting Rich Seminar is based on the Wallace D. Wattles’s book by the same name—a masterpiece that inspired the hit book and documentary, The Secret.

Some say this book teaches the foundation and real meaning of personal growth and personal wealth.

Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher will cover all 17 principles (chapters) during this content-rich, wisdom-filled, success-geared weekend.

When you finish this seminar…


Understand how money is earned and enjoyed

Know exactly what you need to do to experience more riches in every area of your life

Understand the science of being, doing, and having

Be clear on how to apply the principles, laws, and science that govern your day-to-day results

Have a new, ignited sense of purpose

Know how to develop and maintain the mindset necessary to achieve anything you can dream up

And, most importantly, you’ll know what step to take next.


Why some people get rich and why most don't
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  • The Science of Getting Rich sounds complicated, ambiguous even.
  • The truth is, it’s incredibly simple. So simple, a vast majority of the population completely misses it.
  • The Science of Getting Rich is all about thinking—and most importantly, how and what you’re thinking—it’s definitely a mindset.
  • Thinking is the highest function a person is capable of.
  • REAL thinking is orderly. It is not random and subject to the chaos that is going on around us.
  • REAL thinking involves retrieving information and inspiration that comes from SPIRIT.
  • REAL thinking is clear and exact—and it’s associated with the understanding of Truth.

This is the kind thinking Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher lead you into during The Science of Getting Rich Seminar.

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