Using your imagination is the method Neville GODDARD recommends using to achieve your goals since a friend taught it to him.

Dear reader,

You will discover in this article 2 methods to use your imagination and fulfill your desires.

The first method is the Neville Goddard method and the second method is that of my mentor Bob Proctor.

1st Method: Using Your Imagination by Neville Goddard – 1955


Potter's clay in front of the touch of imagination
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The aim of this article is to show you how to use your imagination to fulfill all your desires.

Most people are totally oblivious to the creative power of imagination and invariably bow to the demands of facts and accept life on the basis of the outside world;

mais lorsque vous découvrirez ce pouvoir créatif en vous, vous affirmerez avec audace la suprématie de l’imagination et vous y soumettrez toutes choses.

When a man speaks of “God in man,” he is totally oblivious that this power called God in man is in fact his imagination.

It is the creative power in man. There is nothing under the sky that is not malleable just like the clay of the potter who, in contact with his imagination, shapes it.

Une fois un homme me dit: «Vous savez, Neville, j’aime vous écouter parler d’imagination, je le fais, je touche invariablement la chaise avec mes doigts et je pousse mes pieds dans le tapis, juste pour garder mon sens de la réalité et de la profondeur des choses.»

Well, he’s probably still touching the chair with his fingers and pushing his feet into the carpet.

Let me tell you about another person who did not touch with his fingers and did not push the tram board with his foot.

This is the story of a young girl who had just been seventeen years old. It was Christmas Eve, and she was saddened, for she had just lost her father in an accident, and was back home, in what appeared to be an empty house.

She had no work experience, and had therefore obtained a job as a waitress. Cette nuit-là, il était très tard, c’était la veille de Noël, il pleuvait, le wagon du train était plein des rires des garçons et des filles qui rentraient chez eux pour les vacances de Noël, et elle ne pouvait pas dissimuler ses larmes.

Fortunately for her, as I said, it was raining, so she plunged her face skyward to mix her tears with the rain.

Puis, se tenant sur le rail du tramway, voici ce qu’elle a fait : elle a dit: “Ce n’est pas de la pluie, mais des éclaboussures de l’océan; et ce n’est pas le sel des larmes que je goûte, car c’est le sel de la mer dans le vent; et ce n’est pas San Diego, c’est un bateau, et je vais entrer dans la baie de Samoa”. And there she felt the reality of everything she had imagined.

Then it was the end of the trip and everyone was gone.

Ten days later, this girl received a letter from a Company in Chicago telling her that her aunt, several years earlier, when she had embarked for Europe, had deposited three thousand dollars with instruction that if she did not return to America, that money would have to be paid to her niece.

They had just received the news of the aunt’s death and were now acting according to her instructions.

A month later, the girl sailed for Samoa.

When she arrived in the bay, it was late that night and there was salt from the sea in the wind. It wasn’t raining, but there was splashing in the air. And she felt what she had felt a month earlier, but this time she had achieved her goal.

This whole article is a technique.

I want to show you today how to put your wonderful imagination at the service of the realization of your wish and keep it in this state until you fall asleep – if you could actually feel right in the situation of your satisfied desire and stay there until you fall asleep.

As you feel deep in it, stay there until you give it all the tones of reality, until you give it all the sensory vivacity of reality.

In this state, fall asleep quietly. And in a way you will never suspect – you could never consciously conceive the means that would be used – you will find yourself going through a series of events that will lead you to the objective realization of this state.

Voici maintenant une technique pratique:

La première chose que vous faites, c’est de savoir exactement ce que vous voulez dans ce monde. When you know exactly what you want, make as vivid a representation as possible of what you would see, what you would touch and what you would do if you were physically present and moved in such a state.

For example, let’s say I want a house, but I don’t have any money – but I still know what I want. Without taking anything into consideration, I would make a representation of the house I would like, with all the things I would like to find there. And then, that night, when I went to bed, I would go into a state, a state of drowsiness, sleep, the state that borders on sleep, I would imagine that I am actually
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in such a house, that if I got out of bed, I would walk on the floor of this house, that if I left this room, I would enter the room which is adjacent to the room imagined in this house.

And while I touch the furniture and feel that it is real, and as I move from one room to another of my imaginary house, I would go back to sleep with my fists closed in this state.

And I know that in a way that I could not consciously conceive, I would materialize my home. I’ve seen it work many times.

If I wanted a promotion within my company, I would wonder what additional responsibilities would be mine if I was given this beautifulpromotion.

  • What would I do?
  • What would I say?
  • What would I see?
  • How would I do that?

And then in my imagination,I would see, touch, do and act exactly as if I were in this position.

Playing with your wedding ring in your imagination
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If I now wanted to find a life companion, if I was looking for a wonderful girl or man, what could I do that would imply that I found my happiness? For example, suppose I’m now a woman, something I would certainly do, I’d wear a wedding ring. I would take my imaginary hands and feel the ring I imagine to be there. And I would continue to feel and feel it until it
seems very real to me. I would give it all the sensory vivacity that I am able to give to anything.

And while I would feel my imaginary ring – implying that I’m married – I’d fall asleep.

This story is told in The Song of Songs, still called Solomon’s Song:

It says:

“At night, on my bed, I searched for the one my soul loves. I found him, and I didn’t let him go until I took him to my mother’s house, to the room of the one who designed me.”

If I took this beautiful poem and put it in modern French, in practical language, it would give this:

“En m’asseyant sur ma chaise, je ressentirais que mon désir est comblé, et une fois dans cet état, j’y resterais. Je maintiendrais cette attitude, et dans cette ambiance je m’endormirais”.

That is to say take it “directly in my mother’s room, in the room of the one who designed me”.

You know, people are not at all aware of this fantastic power of imagination, but when man begins to discover that power in him, he never plays the role he once played before.

He does not back down and does not just become a spectator of life;

from there, he is the actor of life. The secret is to focus your imagination on the feeling of desire realized and to stay there.

For it is in our ability to live IN the feeling of the fulfilled wish that lies our ability to live the most abundant life.

Most of us are afraid to think of ourselves as important and noble individuals.

Sure of their contribution to the world, simply because at the very moment we begin to assume, reason and our senses deny the truth of our assumption.

We seem to be in the grip of an unconscious need that makes us cling desperately to the world of familiar things and resist anything that threatens to tear us away from our familiar and seemingly safe moorings.

Well, I invite you to try it. If you try it, you will discover this wonderful wisdom of the elders.

For they told us it in their own strange, wonderful and symbolic form.

But unfortunately, you and I misinterpreted their story and misrepresented it as history, when they designed it as a guideline to simply achieve all our goals.

You see, imagination puts us in touch with the world of states of consciousness.

These states exist, they are present now, but they are only possibilities when we think about them.

But they become extremely real when we think about them and live them.

You know, there’s a big difference between thinking about what you want in this world and thinking from what you want.

Let me tell you the first time I heard about this strange and wonderful power of imagination.

It was 1933, in New York. An old friend of mine taught me that.

He turned to john’s fourteenth chapter, and here is what he read:

“In my father’s house, there are many houses; otherwise I would have told you; I’m going to make you a place. And when I have gone and prepared a place for you, again I will come and take you close to me, so that where I am, you too, you too will be.”

He explained to me that this central figure of the Gospels was the human imagination; that the“house”was not a place in a heavenly house, but merely my desire.

If I made a living representation of the desired state, and then I put myself in that state and stayed in that state, I would realize it.

At the time, I wanted to travel to the Caribbean island of Barbados, but I had no money.

He explained to me that if that night, falling asleep in New York, I assumed that I was sleeping in my father’s house in Barbados and that I would go to sleep deep in that state, I would make my journey.

Well, I took it at its word and tried it.

For a month, night after night, as I fell asleep, I assumed I was sleeping in my father’s house in Barbados.

À la fin du mois, ma famille m’a invité à passer l’hiver à la Barbade.

I left for Barbados at the beginning of December of that year.

From then on, I knew that I had found this savior in me. The old man told me that it would never fail.

Even after it happened, I couldn’t believe it might not have happened anyway.

That’s how strange this whole thing is.

On reflection, it happens so naturally that you begin to feel or say to yourself:

“Well, that would have happened anyway, ” and you quickly recover from this wonderful experience.

It never failed me if I gave the feeling, the imagined feeling, the sensory perception.

I could tell you stories of unnumerated cases to show you how it works, but in essence, it’s simple:

You need to know what you want.

When you know what you want, you think about it. But that is not enough.

You must now start thinking from the desired state.

Well, how could I think from that? I’m sitting here, and I want to be somewhere else.

How could I, while sitting here physically, sit in my imagination in another point of space far from this room and feel that it is real?

Quite easily. My imagination puts me in touch internally with this state. I guess I’m actually where I want to be.

How can I say I’m there?

There is a way to prove that I am there, because what a man sees when he describes his world is, as if he were describing it, in relation to himself.

Thus, the aspect of the world depends entirely on the situation I find myself in when I make my observation.

So if, when I describe my world, it is connected to this point of space that I imagine occupying, then I must be there. I’m not here physically, no, but I AM there in my imagination, and my imagination is my true self!

And where I go into the imagination and where I actually go, there too I will go physically.

When I fall asleep in this state, it is accomplished. I have never seen that fail.

So here’s a simple technique on how to use your imagination to achieve all your goals.

Here is a very healthy and productive exercise for the imagination, something you should do daily:

Relive the day as you wish you had experienced it, reviewing the scenes to conform to what you wanted.

For example, suppose today’s mail brings disappointing news.

Review the letter.

Rewrite it mentally and make it consistent with the news you want to receive.

Or, suppose you didn’t receive the letter you would have liked to have received.

Write the letter yourself and imagine that you have received such a letter.

Let me tell you a story that took place in New York not too long ago.

In my audience was sitting this woman who had heard me, oh, many times, and I was telling the story of the revision…

This man, not knowing the power of the imagination, goes to sleep at the end of his day, tired and exhausted, accepting as definitive all the events of the day.

And I was trying to show that man should, at that time, before falling asleep, rewrite all day and make it conform to the day he would have liked to live.

Here’s how a lady wisely used the law of revision: It would seem that two years earlier she was driven from her daughter-in-law’s house.

During those two years, she did not receive any mail.

She had sent her grandson at least two dozen gifts in the meantime, but none of them ever had ever acknowledged them.

Having heard the story of the revision, here is what she did: By retiring at night, she mentally constructed two letters, one

Use your imagination - the 2-letter model
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that she imagined came from her grandson, and the other from her daughter-in-law.

In these letters, they expressed their deep affection for her and wondered why she had not called to see them.

She did so for seven consecutive nights, holding in her imaginary hand the letter she thought she had received and reading these letters over and over again until she felt in her the satisfaction of having received it.

Then she fell asleep. On the eighth day, she received a letter from her daughter-in-law.

Inside were two letters, one from his grandson and the other from his daughter-in-law.

They were practically a replica of the imaginary letters that this grandmother had written eight days earlier.

This art of revision can be used in any area of your life.

Let’s take the issue of health. Suppose you’re sick. Represent the image of a friend on your mental screen.

Put on that face an expression that implies that he or she sees in you what you want the whole world to see.

Imagine him telling you that he’s never seen you so well and you’re like, “I’ve never felt better.”

Suppose you’re injured in the foot.

In this case, do this: Mentally construct a scenario that involves you walking – that you do all the things you would do if your foot was healthy, and do it again and again until it actually is.

Whenever you do in your imagination what you would like to achieve in the outside world, this is what you will also achieve in the outside world.

The only requirement is to awaken your attention in a way and with such intensity that you are totally absorbed by the revised action.

This imaginative exercise will allow you to develop and refine your senses and, ultimately, to have a vision of the inner world.

The abundant life that has been promised to us is ours now, but not before we have grasped the creative power of our imagination.

A tenacious imagination, centered on the feeling of the desired achieved, is the secret of any successful operation. It is the only one that makes the intention come true.

Every step of man’s progress is the result of the conscious and voluntary exercise of the imagination.

You will then understand why all poets have stressed the importance of a controlled and lively imagination.

Let’s take these verses from the great William Blake:

“In your own womb, you carry your heaven and your earth
And everything you see, even if it appears to be outside
It’s in your bosom, in your imagination,
For which this world of mortality is only a shadow.”

2nd Method: Thinking In Results

Sandy Gallagher created with Bob Proctor a program “Thinking Into Results” which I translated into French. This program builds on more than 50 years of experience in the field of success and human behaviour.

In chapters 2 – the gap between know-how and chapter 5 – Thinking Into Results, Bob Proctor gives you exercises to do.

These exercises will allow you to use your imagination to rectify your current results and achieve the desired results.

It even goes much deeper, because it will also teach you to keep these results… but I’ll let you find out during this training.



Neville’s “how to use your imagination” method is an excellent method to get quick results, such as getting funding for your training.

But“Thinking In Results” is the only method to date that will give you lasting results, because you will not work alone.

Agnes Boukaram will be there to guide you and answer your questions. And be sure, you’ll always have a ton of questions…

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